Some thoughts on recent events…

1. The Arrogance of our Dear Leader firing James Comey

Our Cheeto-in-Chief, President Trump actually expected his decision to be met with approval from both sides of the spectrum since Democrats blame Comey for basically handing Trump the election and the GOP haven’t forgiven Comey for not recommending Hillary Clinton’s prosecution.

Think about that for a moment — with key players from Trump’s campaign and/or administration under investigation (in what could possibly be the worst espionage scandal in American history), our commander-in-chief thinks that he can appease both friend and foe by fucking over the head of that investigation — and that we would be HAPPY to see Comey get fucked simply because we don’t like him.

In other words, Trump believes we all think like HIM.

Trump pointing at his own head.
…and he has a very good brain. (Image: @EPA)

2. Something doesn’t add up in Trumpville

Trump (or someone else high up the food chain at the White House) asked the Attorney General to “find a reason” to shitcan Comey just a few short weeks ago — yet Clinton’s investigation is practically a year old.

Hmmm…has it been plaguing Trump’s poor, beleaguered conscience for the past ten months? Has our beloved human tan-in-a-can been busy, deep in thought (HA) trying to decide what to do? Did Trump just now come to the realization that he should take action?

Kevin Hart stand-up comedy screenshot captioned
Really? (Image:

Let me ask you, have you seen this type of slow, carefully considered deliberation from him before?

Donald Trump meme captioned

3. Did Trump just pull a “Berger” on Comey?

Who fires a person as significant as James Comey via a letter instead of in person – or at the very least by phone?

Who fires ANYONE by letter, ever?

James Comey as Carrie from Sex and the City with a Trump break-up Post-It
(Image: | Frances Locke)

Hell, if Comey’s termination was somehow related to how he handled Clinton’s email investigation, then why did Cheetolini write that bizarre comment about how he was told three times that he’s “not under investigation?”

4. A wolf in the hen house

Jeff Sessions meme captioned,

Jazzy Jeff Sessions (who recused himself from the Russian investigation after he lied under oath, mind you) now gets to weigh in on the selection of the next chump who’ll be leading that same Russian investigation.

5. And the GOP be like “Nothing to see here” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All these shenanigans and yet the GOP neckbeard patrol is still acting like this is just business as usual in D.C.

Image of Paul Ryan and various white Republicans laughing in Congress.

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