James Comey as Carrie from Sex and the City with a Trump break-up Post-It

Some thoughts on recent events…

The Arrogance of our Dear Leader firing James Comey...Our Cheeto-in-Chief, President Trump actually expected his decision to be met with approval from both sides of the spectrum since Democrats blame Comey for basically handing Trump the election and the GOP haven't forgiven Comey for not recommending Hillary Clinton's prosecution.

America was never all that ‘great’

According to a certain Garfield-hued politician, at one time America was The Greatest™ country in the entire world. Japan? Please. England? Pffft, those tea-sipping bastards? Spain? GTFO. In fact, if it weren’t for us meddling liberals and our bleeding, mooching, SOCIALIST hearts it still would be - or so the GOP would have us believe. … Continue reading America was never all that ‘great’

west virginia supreme court

West Virginia’s Supreme Court doesn’t think anti-LGBTQ assault is a hate crime

Earlier this week, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that the state's hate crime law doesn't cover anti-LGBTQ assaults or any crime committed on based on sexual orientation. The 3 to 2 decision is a major setback in the fight by civil rights advocates to convince W.V. courts that laws that prohibit violence … Continue reading West Virginia’s Supreme Court doesn’t think anti-LGBTQ assault is a hate crime

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We Were Promised Bootstraps

In America, shame keeps the poor from eating the rich. If you haven’t read Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat, by Anastasia Basil, then you should. In it, Basil talks about her experiences with poverty and the stigma attached to being working poor in a country of people who think they’re all just temporarily embarrassed millionaires. That’s … Continue reading We Were Promised Bootstraps